Crossroad (Music review), Malayalam – Amrutha Suresh, Abhirami Suresh, Anitha Shaiq and M Jayachandran

Amrutam Gamaya sisters’ Veerangana has a conventional Kerala folk fusion sound and it is their spirited vocals that keeps the song charming. Anitha Shaiq’s Mappila pattu sound in Melakey is rhythmic and engaging and sung well by Shweta Mohan. M Jayachandran opens his set with Oru vela; he sings and retains the charms of an evocative ghazal. Makane is just his soulful voice carrying the serene tune. Jayachandran tunes Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda Ashtapadi in the classy Nama sametham, but with Dimthana (sung by Abhirami Ajai), it makes for a disjoint listen. Crossroad’s anthological form applies to the varied soundtrack too.

Keywords: Crossroad, Amrutha Suresh, Abhirami Suresh, Anitha Shaiq, M Jayachandran

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