E (Music review), Malayalam – Rahul Raj

Pranavaakaram is a magnificent showcase of singer Saritha Ram’s range. She handles Rahul Raj’s almost-Vidyasagar’ish Nattakurinji raaga fusion impeccably. Divayanam is a lovely listen too. While Rahul himself does the vocal heavy-lifting here amidst easily likeable EDM mixed with the occasional semi-classical phrases, Sunitha Sarathy joins in too, mid-way. Arupathu maram‘s energetic pace and earthy folk has an Indian Ocean’ish vigor, as Sunil Mathayi, Vaishak, Vipin Xavier and Aparna Rajeev nail the singing. Ellake ellake is the one song that stays true to the film’s thriller genre and sounds menacingly haunting. Rahul’s 2017 opener rides confidently on Pranavaakaram and Divayanam.

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