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The title song is a heady, foot-tapping number, stringing together Rajkumar and Vishnuvardhan film titles! Vijay Prakash is expectedly fantastic. Arjun infuses manic energy in Dhool‘s rhythm, though the actual tune is more gimmicky. Tea angadi munde is typical Arjun Janya; an intentionally corny tune riding on a foot-tapping, faux-classical base… Vyasaraj does the honors […]

Much of Vachinde‘s buoyancy is from Madhu Priya’s fantastic singing. Shakthikanth’s folksy backgrounds include lovely dollops of sitar and harmonium. Edo jaruguthondi is equally spirited, with its easy-on-the-ears dance-pop sound, and involved singing by Renuka and Aravind Srinivas. There’s a generous dose of A R Rahman in Hey pillagaada, and Shakthikanth’s melody, on a jaunty […]

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