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Barring that energetic rhythm and Sonu Nigam’s singing, Goggle Song is painfully generic. Amaal Mallik’s second song Jatt Jaguar is no different – that breezy interlude featuring Apeksha Dandekar is a good diversion, though. Rishi Rich and Yash Anand’s title song is completely banal while trying something Pancham’y in the background. Gourov-Roshin’s Haathon mein is […]

The Dulquer Nivin Fahad song is a one-trick pony that rides on a simple pop tune that Gopi usually composes in his sleep. The Kalyanam song is no patch on Gopi’s earlier Mangalyam song from Bangalore Days. The title song seems to be composed by Gopi’s auto-tuning machine that listened to some random 80s one-hit […]

Laayire could fit in any 90s Chiranjeevi potboiler seamlessly, with its heady faux-Punjabi mix. Bheems’ second song, Ey papa could be easily mistaken for Mani Sharma’s, with its whispery vocals and exotic sounds. But his last, Time ledu, beyond the catchiness, is pedestrian. Bharath Madhusudhanan’s Pedaviki nuvvante has a quaint, put-on retro sound, but the […]

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