Shab (Music review), Hindi – Mithoon

Arijit’s sullen rendition in O saathi doesn’t help at all. Or, it’s just Mithoon’s maudlin tune and lyrics combination. Things don’t improve in Musafir; despite KK’s singing making a difference, Mithoon’s tune just refuses to make any headway from the current rut he seems to be stuck in. Afiya is strike three! The faux-sufi sound is a painfully distant reminder of Mithoon’s heady days of Anwar! Thankfully, Aawari salvages the soundtrack, with Mithoon handling the singing of the spritely melody himself and letting Neha Bhasin handle the pensive reprise. A solo Mithoon soundtrack after ages and it is a disappointment.

Keywords: Shab, Mithoon

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