Rajahamsa (Music review), Kannada – Joshua Sridhar

Janaganamana‘s easily catchy pop sound is significantly spruced up by Raghu Dixit’s endearing vocals. Rapper Chandan Shetty’s digitally processed version does a darn good job in Baramma baare‘s electro swing vibe, while Haricharan gets an easy winner in Mula mula, a wonderfully lush melody with a strong whiff of Charukesi raaga. Pi pi pi‘s highly enthusiastic tune is marred by the hook, appropriated from Pritam’s Balam pichkari. Budubuduke‘s faux-Punjabi liveliness works wonders, while Ee banavara is an interesting attempt, with its retro-style pathos on top of backgrounds refreshingly new backgrounds! Joshua makes a confident return to Kannada after 2013’s Huchudugru.

Keywords: Rajahamsa, Joshua Sridhar

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