Vikram Vedha (Music review), Tamil – Sam C.S.

Sivam’s weathered vocals go searingly high-pitched in Karuppu vellai. Given the song’s Revathi raaga base, Sam seems to be invoking Aigiri Nandini, with a hypnotic swag. Oru Katha Sollatta? is its hyper-inventive waltz equivalent! Sam ropes in Anirudh and Shakthisree for Yaanji, an immersive melody and does a splendid job with the interludes too. The ‘Oh nenjathiye’ refrain seems to be the base for the expressive Idhu emosion, layered with a Latino flourish. Pogatha yennavittu is a melancholic melody distantly evoking Raja’s folk idioms with a modern sweep, complete with splendid, strings-led orchestration. Pradeep Kumar and Neha Venugopal significantly help the song. Tasakku tasakku transports you to straight to a TASMAC bar with its heady hook and raucous singing reminiscent of Satya’s Goli maar! Mukesh, M L R Karthick, Guna and the chorus roar through the song in style. Sam’s imagination runs riot in Ghetto Chase, a spell-binding, racy instrumental piece powered by Chennai Orchestra, with a haunting chorus by Meghavarshini, Avantika and Monisha. Yethu dharmam? and Yethu nyayam? add to the soundtrack’s impressive orchestral splendor, while Sangu sattham‘s short folk piece is punctuated by excellent chorus. After the unheard, under-rated Kadalai, Sam hits the big league with Vikram Vedha!

Keywords: Vikram Vedha, Sam C.S., #200, 200

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