Thursday June 15, 2017

Ivan Thanthiran (Music review), Tamil – SS Thaman

Posted by Karthik

For a song that proclaims that they will blow the trumpet on Donald Trump, Dagalti dagalti is incredibly lackluster. The title song is even more pointless, with a flat droning tune that seems perfectly composed as elevator muzak. Medhakavitta medhakavitta takes upon itself to salvage the soundtrack, to some extent. The melody is likeable, but the way Yazin Nizar and Sanjana Kalmanje’s otherwise perfectly valid voices seem processed, the song makes it all the more harder to appreciate. Thankfully, the Medhakavitta theme, by nature of being an instrumental, elaborates on the melody better. Wonder what is wrong with composer Thaman!

Keywords: Ivan Thanthiran, SS Thaman

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