Kurangu Bommai (Music review), Tamil – B.Ajaneesh Loknath

The searing pathos in the short Kalangaathe kanne has Ajaneesh singing with perfect Tamil diction! He ropes in fellow composer C.R.Bobby for the other short, evocative Unna naan rasikka, that’s earthy and impactful. In Beachu kaathu, Anthony Daasan’s familiar folksy singing gets a punchy brass backing. Annamaare ayyamaare has a wonderfully generous dose of Ajaneesh’s Kannada root, signified by seductive call and response strings, almost a signature by Hamsalekha. The soundtrack’s stunning highlight is Shankar Mahadevan’s Paathum paakkaama, with a fantastic Central Asian sound, complete with an engaging accordion backdrop and a thoroughly charming melody. Welcome to Tamil cinema, Ajaneesh!

Keywords: Kurangu Bommai, B.Ajaneesh Loknath

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