Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Mani Sharma nails the bass and catchy tune of Paapi kondallo while his interludes offer a smattering of the Ilayaraja goodness. Meghale thele naalona has Vamsy’s finger-print in terms of the bizarre additions, though the main tune is a lovely listen too. Ravi Varma chitrama sounds just like Sagar Mahathi’s music – exotic musical layers apt for the engaging melody. Anveshana uses a similar sound but the tune is less interesting. Kanulemito is the soundtrack’s best, with a blazing electric guitar atop the snazzy Shanmukhapriya tune. After Chakri (barring Raja’s Anumanaspadam), Vamsy finds a worthy new partner in Mani Sharma.

Keywords: Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor, Mani Sharma

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