Georgettan’s Pooram (Music review), Malayalam – Gopi Sundar

Joleem kooleem‘s reetigowlai raaga base is its clear and absolute highlight. Within that gorgeously likeable raaga, Gopi and his chorus have an easy winner. Interestingly, even Omal chiriyo seems to allude to reetigowlai raaga in the interludes, though the tune is predictable Gopi Sundar fluff, well sung by Ramshi Ahamed. Oduvile yathrak, in both versions—by Rajalakshmi and Vijay Yesudas—offers a somber, almost hymn-like tune that works because of its minimal sound. Kabadi kabadi is the soundtrack’s surprise, channeling revati raaga into a pulsating fusion-rock sound, led impressively by Ranjith. Simple and likeable set of tunes by Gopi for this Pooram.

Keywords: Georgettan’s Pooram, Gopi Sundar

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