Sathya (Music review), Malayalam – Gopi Sundar

As soon as the first interludes led by the strings start in Chinthicho nee, you know you are in a Gopi Sundar song! Gopi makes fantastic use of Vaikom Vijayalakshmi’s versatility, particularly in the anupallavi, given the lovely semi-classical lilt most probably alluding to Kharaharapriya raaga! Kaattingathi vegam, sung by Sri Sankar, however, seems like rather generic use of Vakulabharanam raaga. Sithara Krishnakumar’s Chilankakal is even more classically inclined and rides on her vocals sans enhancements. Njan ninne thedi, coming so close to Harris Jayaraj’s Halena, and sounding a lot similar, is disturbing. Barring Chinthicho, oddly muted soundtrack by Gopi.

Keywords: Sathya, Gopi Sundar

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