Veera (Music review), Tamil – Leon James

Ootaanda soltuvaa is a fun, pulse-pounding mix, layering thara local lyrics and kuthu rhythm on top of a significantly more upmarket, funky package. A similar raucous mix in Mama mama and Nijaaru usaaru don’t work as well as Ootaanda, though. The choice of Sid Sriram and Neeti Mohan works wonders in Verrattaama verratturiye—an ear-worm of a pathos melody—as does the synthetic mridangam’ish percussion. Pradeep Kumar’s singing is obviously the highlight of Pogaadhey kanmaniye, an affecting tune, though the backgrounds seem outdated. In only his 4th soundtrack, Leon James’ music shows signs of a weary familiarity, despite 3 very good songs.

Keywords: Leon James, Veera

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