Winner (Music review), Telugu – SS Thaman

Yazin Nizar and Sanjana seem to be struggling to sing the otherwise-catchy Sitara! Pichonne aipoya has that Thaman signature – busily layered music with generously digitized vocals! Suyaa too is Thaman-style techno kuthu that has stopped sounding interesting anymore, though Suma Kanakala tries her best to infuse life into it. Bhajarangabali‘s booming sound is offset by the fact that it is perhaps the only song that has Lord Hanuman and Che “Guvera” (Che Guevara) in the same sentence. The soundtrack’s easy winner is the raucously enjoyable, Andhra-kuthu Na BC centarlu, with Nakash Aziz rocking the rendition! Consolation prize winner, this.

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