Mupparimanam (Music review), Tamil – G.V.Prakash Kumar

Let’s Go Party and Yaar ivano sound woefully dated, including lyrics that allude to AB Positive and Android in the former, as if cementing that dated’ness. Sokki poraandi is no different, evoking Rahman’s brief faux-village music phase, but GVP has a lovely melody that plays interestingly with the percussion. Kannodu kannodu is fantastic! Sathya Prakash rocks the easily likeable melody amidst some snazzy orchestration. Vijay Prakash produces an encore in Uyirile uyirile, in what seems like Nalinakanthi raaga, particularly that beautiful first interlude. 3 songs from Mupparimanam showcase GV Prakash Kumar the composer, away from GV Prakash Kumar the composer-turned-hero.

Keywords: Mupparimanam, G.V.Prakash Kumar

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