Happy New Year (Music review), Kannada – Raghu Dixit

Raghu sings the breathless Adda bidde madesaa with a quirky twang amidst racy country music. Nakul Abhyankar lifts the already bouncy, exuberant Sa re ga ma to a new high. Baduke neenentha‘s innate appeal includes Charukesi raaga, Raghu’s deeply resonant orchestration and Kapil Nair’s fantastic singing. Preetiya hesare neenu is an intimate ballad that the composer/singer aces with his voice and guitar! Kaurava theme is high-energy kuthu with Master Vishwas going ballistic! The soundtrack’s weakest—the much hyped title song—is passably and generically catchy. After Kote (2010), Raghu Dixit’s return is in sync with the positive changes sweeping Kannada film music!

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