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Sunday February 12, 2017 20:20

Dora (Music review), Tamil – Vivek-Mervin

There’s a whiff of early Rahman in Engapora Dora, particularly in the semi-classical twist with the uncredited female humming and the veena-based, most-probably Senchurutti raaga interlude. Vaazhavudu‘s energetic rhythm keeps it spritely! Plus the keys-led interlude and Sanjana Kalmanje’s vocals… lively stuff! Ra ra ra has that energetic sound too, and here it’s literally breathless, […]

Sunday February 12, 2017 20:15

Yaman (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Antony

Yem mela kai vachaa gaali is a menacing kuthu that makes the intent very clear, loaded with cringe-inducing rhyming words. Damelo dumelo is lyricist Vetriselvan spectacular show of assembling the most absurd set of gibberish in one song, in a punchy dance package. Yazin Nizar and Janaki Iyer’s sub-standard vocals compete with Vijay’s grating background […]

Armaan Mallik leads Heegethake confidently, a generic, pleasant faux-sufi melody. The title song treads similar ground – painfully templatized, evoking a classic Laxmikant-Pyarerlal melody. Kolike ranga is Tipu’s show! He holds the calypso-from-Mandya package with his enthusiastic vocals. Ravichandran’s 1985 Naanu Nanna Hendthi number, Yaare neenu gets a remix, featuring Ranjith – lacks the kitschy […]

Sunday February 12, 2017 08:25

Hitman – February 12, 2017

Originally published in The Hindu. Paarai mele – Sathriyan (Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja) This composer is obsessed with singing his songs himself. He sings terribly too. You thought this is about Himesh Reshammiya? No, this is about Yuvan Shankar Raja. How else does one rationalize Yuvan singing ‘Paarai meLe thooraL poLe…’ or ‘ennai udaithavale’ […]

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