Dear Zindagi (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi and Ilayaraja

Love you zindagi has an ebullient tune, but is too steeped in predictably—including Jasleen’s now-familiar woman-child voice—Amit Trivedi’ish sound (the club mix, featuring Alia, has more spunk). Ditto with Vishal Dadlani’s swagger in Let’s break up and Sunidhi politely requesting dil to Just go to hell; way… too… familiar! Amit mounts Tu hi hai and Taareefon se on mandolin, sax, Kausar Munir and Arijit’s dreamy vocals – both glide mighty smoothly. The soundtrack’s best is Amit’s graceful remix of Ilayaraja’s Aye zindagi that sounds scintillating, 33 years later! Arijit’s singing is fantastic, but Alia’s version literally stutters. Not so dear, zindagi.

Keywords: Dear Zindagi, Amit Trivedi, Ilayaraja

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