Srirastu Subhamastu (Music review), Telugu – SS Thaman

Thaman builds the title song gradually, but surely, accelerating things with lovely guitar’ish carnatic piece in the first interlude. The composer consistently layers Krishna Chaitanya’s voice akin to a chorus, and this adds a harmonious layer to the vocals. The tune is frothy and easy-on-the-ears. Anu anu is standard-issue Thaman propped by digitally enhanced vocals and a passably decent tune. Desi Girl too is usual Thaman, but the bounce in this kuthu is heady and immediately catchy, even invoking Madhubala in a Mani Ratnam film, while Revanth is fantastic handling the singing! Srirastu Subhamastu is minimum-guarantee Thaman soundtrack, yet again.

Keywords: SS Thaman, Srirastu Subhamastu

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