Thursday July 28, 2016

Antarman (Music review), Indipop – Pooja Shankar, Rahul Mukherjee and Randeep Bhaskar

Posted by Karthik

In Hobena, Antarman transform Lalon Fakir’s classic Baul going far beyond the ektara-laced sound, into captivating soft rock! Pooja Shankar full-throated singing adds to the song’s charm. Maati‘s contemplative melody is wonderfully endearing in Rahul Mukherjee’s fantastic vocals. Pooja joins in later, when the decidedly more folk rhythms kick in, to take the song into another high, with a really interesting mix of flamenco-style guitaring and Sangeet Mishra’s sarangi in the background! Gaanja takes on the base of Kamrup folk and builds the lines eulogizing Lord Shiva into a spunky sound, with a superbly energetic mid-way change in pace! Randeep Bhaskar makes a spectacular entry amidst Pandit Debojyoti Bose’s haunting Sarod in Marghat. This song about a soul’s journey travels through Bhatiyali, meets Hindustani classical and takes rock music along too, even as Pooja punctuates it in style! Kiran Vinkar’s flute and Atur Soni’s drums eventually join Ankita Baruah’s Bihu Dhol, with Rahul and Pooja in the very-Bihu, very-lilting Bairi Bindiya. Tatar patar is the album’s most filmy and accessible, with jhankaar-style beats, Goan-style guitar giving the lovely Baul’ish tune company, till it all merges into a highly energetic EDM-style finale! Antarman’s debut is a stupendously eclectic folk music mélange!

Keywords: Antarman, Pooja Shankar, Rahul Mukherjee, Randeep Bhaskar, 200, #200

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