Kismath (Music review), Malayalam – Sumesh Parameswar, Sushin Shyam, Shamej Sreedhar

Sushin Shyam—of The Down Troddence fame and background music for films like Sapthamashree Thaskaraha and Lord Livingstone 7000 Kandi—composes his first song in Kisapaathiyil. He opens it to the serene sounds of rain, takes on Charukesi raaga for the oh-so-beautiful melody and ends it on a lingering serene note too. Sachin Balu’s vocals are pitch-perfect and so is the sufi-tinged chorus. Shamej Sreedhar’s Chilathunaam is wonderfully harmonious and evokes a beautiful sufi/qawali feel too, at times invoking Rahman’s Ishq bina (Taal). Madhushree holds this one together with her impeccable singing. The rest of the soundtrack is by Sumesh Parameswar. His Nilamanal tharikalil has a lovely Hindi song lilt, with Harishankar and Sreya handling the joyous tune admirably. Sreya is fantastic in the short Loneliness too. Sumesh ropes in Kabeer Nallalam to headline a simple, rhythmic recreation of the doyen of Mappila Pattu, Moyinkutty Vaidyar’s Aane madanapoo. Vinnu churanna, the gorgeous lullaby plays out so well in Neesa M.P’s vocals amidst veena interludes. Sumesh closes the soundtrack with Kismath theme, a conventionally exotic Middle Eastern tune. Looks like the Rajeev Ravi connection (part of Collective Phase One) has helped debutant Shanavas K Baavakutty get the best out of his 3 composers!

Keywords: Kismath, Sumesh Parameswar, Sushin Shyam, Shamej Sreedhar, 200, #200

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