Mohenjo Daro (Music review), Hindi – A R Rahman

Mohenjo Mohenjo is a woefully outdated template usually relegated to ‘tribal’ songs. Tu hai appears thrice—a gorgeously flowing melody after an extended prelude in Sindhu ma, a shorter, lilting version, and with Keba and Kareem accentuating the melody with guitar and flute in The Shimmer of Sindhu. Sarsariya is Kilimanjaro-level (Enthiran) and more generic ‘tribal’ playfulness. Arjun Chandy’s NAFS handle the world-music’ish chants of Whispers of the Mind and Whispers of the Heart well. Tapas Roy’s fantastic mandolin in Lakh lakh thora closes the soundtrack in style! Tu hai and Lakh lakh’s melodic high stands out amongst Mohenjo Daro’s ruins.

Keywords: Mohenjo Daro, Mohenjodaro, Mohenjo-daro, A R Rahman

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