Sarbjit (Music review), Hindi – Amaal Malik, Shail-Pritesh, Tanishk Bagchi, Jeet Ganguli and Shashi-Shivam

Arijit lifts Amaal’s Salamat and Shashi-Shivam’s very tuneful lullaby Nindiya significantly, given how simple the tunes are. Sonu is dependably good in the ghazal-like melancholy of Jeet Ganguli’s Dard. Tanishk Bagchi’s Allah Hu Allah is a resonant qawali but their Rabba is heavily templatized background music. Of Shail-Pritesh’s five songs, Tung lak is heady Punjabi masala and Meherban is a perfectly harmonious, though too familiar qawali. Sarbjit theme and Mera junoon pass muster, but Shail handles Barsan laagi‘s semi-classical melody—possibly alluding to raaga Madhyamavathi—admirably well. Despite the streak of sadness all through the soundtrack, there’s some good music in here!

Keywords: Sarbjit, Amaal Malik, Shail-Pritesh, Tanishk Bagchi, Jeet Ganguli, Shashi-Shivam

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