Joker (Music review), Tamil – Sean Roldan

Ennanga Sir is a breezy mix of old-style mambo-salsa—with jaunty leaps and superb horns—and biting political commentary. Arandhai Bava and Perumal’s earthy vocals with edgy accents are perfect! Ola ola kudisayila is a beautiful companion piece to Raju Murugan’s debut, Cuckoo’s soundtrack (Santhosh Narayanan’s music) – gorgeous strings, incredibly bold mix of raagas and tune changes, and almost-Raja’ish interludes… all come together so well! On top of these, you have Murugavel and Karthika Vaidyanathan’s fabulous vocals! Sundarayyar rocks the whimsically playful Jasmine-u, with Sean’s music using generous cues from early-Rahman style and extending them in newer directions. Lalitha Sudha leads the unique Tamil-Hindi mix in Chellamma, with Perumal pitching in besides Sean’s own Hindi parts. The tune is stunningly imaginative, moving from authentic native Tamil folk to a soft and soothing melody. Halla bol‘s Tamil-Hindi mix is even more intriguing! A revolutionary call that seems to coax people rather than inspiring them, with its spritely melody handled amazingly by Kalyani Nair, supported by Sean. Mannar mannan theme is kummi paattu with a mind-boggling blues’y twist and Rani handles the folk nuances with confidence. Sean Roldan pushes Tamil film music’s boundaries yet again in the inventive and enjoyable music of Joker!

Keywords: Sean Roldan, Joker, Raju Murugan, Cuckoo, 200, #200

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