Tuesday March 15, 2016

Jessie (Music review), Kannada – Anoop Seelin

Posted by Karthik

Malgudiya ooralli‘s tune has a genial charm, accentuated by the upbeat orchestration that Anoop adds to the song. He sings it with an innate simplicity that helps the tune too! Haricharan is his dependable self in Male banthu and Anoop’s tune is a pleasant, albeit familiar melody, with very Harris Jayaraj’ish interludes. Haricharan is even better in Modala notadalle, singing the lovely tune set to an energetic electronic sound. Maaye ne maaye‘s hook, handled by Siddhartha Belmannu, is captivating, as is Chithra’s fantastic singing for the anupallavi and charanam. Anoop Seelin continues director Pawan Wadeyar’s impressive run with good music.

Keywords: Anoop Seelin, Jessie

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