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Hitman – December 12, 2015

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Originally published in The Hindu.

Jodi nilave – Thangamagan (Tamil – Anirudh)
Anirudh offers a minimum-guarantee soundtrack in Thangamagan. The standout song is Jodi nilave, sung beautifully by Shweta Mohan, and inconsistently by Dhanush. The tune and violin profusion makes it seem like Anirudh is channeling his inner Yuvan Shankar Raja, Dhanush’s earlier composing buddy, pre-Kolaveri. Even Dhanush’s off-key singing is reminiscent of Yuvan’s, though Dhanush surprises in the lyrics department, turning in lines that shimmer with hope in the choicest of words, amidst the melancholic mood.

Bhale manchi roju – Bhale Manchi Roju (Telugu – Sunny M.R.)
There is an inherent trouble in naming films after older songs. If the new film has a title song, and it is good, or becomes popular, a new generation’s memory is reformatted to erase the older song, to make way for the new one. Till last week, ‘Bhale manchi roju’ should be bringing back memories of Krishna and the Ghantasala song he lipsyncs in the film Jarigina Katha (1969). This week onwards, you have Sunny M.R’s breezy, bepop jazz’ish title song from the film of the name to recall. The composer manages to sing it darn well too, building the energy gradually, to confidently reveal and repeat his title hook.

Mohe rang do laal – Bajirao Mastani (Hindi – Sanjay Leela Bhansali)
After a song in Saawariya, and two indulgent soundtracks (Ram-Leela and Guzaarish), the composer in Sanjay Leela Bhansali seems to have got a fantastic polish, turning in a delightful soundtrack with music that is rich and resonant. The pièce de résistance is Mohe rang do laal. Shreya Ghoshal sinks into it like only she can, offering her fantastic voice around the classical tune that seems to be meandering around raags like Purvi and Puriya Dhanashri, given the tune’s allegiance to older songs like Pt.Ravi Shankar’s Karuna suno shyam mori from Meera (1979) and Laxmikant Pyarelal’s Bandhan toote na from Mome Ki Gudiya (1972). The song also has phenomenal contribution by Pt.Birju Maharaj.

Maatallo cheppaleni – Abbayitho Ammayi (Telugu – Ilayaraja)
One hearing of the song and you’d wonder why Ilayaraja doesn’t score songs like these anymore in Tamil films. Most Tamilians may start to identify the tune as something to do with Brahma’s Varudhu varudhu ilankaatru, and that may possibly to do with the tunes being close to Kalyani raaga that Ilayaraja has used extraordinarily in his rich repertoire. Karthik sings this one with a serene voice and the interludes, orchestration everything adds to the unhurried, peaceful effect.

Send My Love (To Your New Lover) – Adele (Album: 25)
In 25, Adele continues her wallowing in unrequited love, grief and heartache, and, for a 27 year old, that seems like a lot to reflect on. But she could also reflect on the fact that her new album is smashing records in every direction. As if to celebrate, Adele has at least one spritely song in her new album, Send My Love (To Your New Lover), a ‘I’m so glad you’re gone’ number that she starts confidently by ordering her studio folks, “Just the guitar!”. Swedish producers, Max Martin and Shellback keep the tune and music lively and peppy, with Adele showcasing her vocal prowess, as always.



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