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Tuesday December 8, 2015 19:06

Charlie (Music review), Malayalam – Gopi Sundar

In Akale, Gopi pitches in with what seems like music from Africa and Malgudi Shubha delivers it brilliantly like only she can, with some beautiful nuances that seems to mix a deeply Indian tune with a foreign (African) style – fantastic world music package. There’s more world music goodness in Pularikalo, but this time, with […]

In Chamma chakka, Tippu and Chinmayi have a foot-tapping tune that Achu accentuates with the earthy rhythm and mandolin, and a particularly fantastic second interlude. Achu’s only other track, Thanaloni sagabhaagaani, despite Mano, is painfully outdated, perhaps recreating music of a different period. Koti’s Kingulanti singamata has Shiva and Saicharan race through a punchy kuthu […]

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