Thilothama (Music review), Malayalam – Deepak Dev

Pavada penne is standard issue item number, but it does have a fairly catchy Latino sound and is well sung by Amala Rose Kurian and Remya. Poomkuyil has a serene, pleasant and simple tune that Malavika elevates with her vocals, while Deepak keeps the sound light and frothy. The Christian devotional prayer, Deenanukamba, is along predictable lines with Merin Gregory’s evocative vocals making an impact. The soundtrack’s highlilght is Akkare ikkare, with Deepak using a rhythmic vanchipaattu sound to great effect, while Sannidhanandan’s rustic vocals is perfectly complemented by Roopa’s singing. Customary soundtrack from Deepak Dev with one stand-out song.

Keywords: Thilothama, Deepak Dev

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