Touch (Music review) – Anil Srinivasan

Waltz for Sharik, composed originally by jazz pianist as Waltz for Peach, has a lovely bass by Naveen Napier and adds a more meditative touch to what was originally a spritely tune. Rakesh Chaurasia’s reimagination of Vaishna janato (a 15th century composition by Narsinh Mehta that became popular as Gandhi’s favorite bhajan) gains enormously from Anil’s piano backdrop. In Reflections, Anil skillfully combines bossa nova with a tune that wonderfully alludes to cult Mexican tunes like Besame mucho and Sway with me. Randy Bernsen’s guitar’y Dhanasri Thillana neatly segues into Anil’s piano in Travancore Blues that explores a lot more within that tune and beyond. Anil’s solo, Morning mist, shines with him exploiting Sarasangi raaga in all its glory. Streets of Madras, a mighty innovative filmy kuthu in piano, comes alive in the way Anil innovates within his scope. The album’s highlight is Annapoorne, a Muthuswami Dikshithar composition that Anil and Mandolin Rajesh first collaborated on, back in 2007, for Rajesh’s album, Into The Light. Here, the mandolin is contemplative, while Anil’s piano is more imaginative in its exposition of the beautiful Sama raaga. Long overdue solo debut by Anil that continues his inventive take on piano and diverse collaborations.

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