144 (Music review), Tamil – Sean Roldan

Vinai theerkum is a catchy kuthu-based Ganesha tribute. Lyricist Vivek epitomizes Vadivelu’s stolen well comedy (originally from Marathi film Jau Tithe Khau) in Kenathakaanum; middling tune, with the horns section offering some novelty. Kaasu kedacha is disappointing, playing to standard sounds. Velamarapattayum‘s hilarious anti-alcoholism lyrics by Kaaraikudi Bharathi Ganesan gets a devotional tune-spin by Sean. Darbuka gives Aagaa a Middle Eastern twist; the tune is engagingly funny, with Hariharasudhan even picking Nambiar’s diction! Poove pooviname, despite early-Rahman’esque guitar-ghatam sound, gains from the lovely tune, besides Sean and Chinmayi’s vocals. A year later, Sean is still on his Aadama Jeichomada form!

Keywords: 144, Sean Roldan

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