Uppu Karuvadu (Music review), Tamil – Steeve Vatz

The title song seems like a catchy mix of Madras kuthu and Goan dulpod, much like Ilayaraja’s Vetri Vizha Marugo marugo, made better by Steeve’s choice of instruments, including a neat nadaswaram phrase. Velmurugan and M.M.Manasi are dependably good with the singing. UK UK is a background’ish medley at best. The soundtrack’s surprise is Gautham Menon’s debut as a singer, Pudhu oru kadavu. The tune is passable, but Gautham, with help from Steeve’s digital processing and guitar snazzy guitar work, leads the song confidently. Steeve Vatz’s composing debut is good enough, but is hardly representative of his reputation and experience.

Keywords: Uppu Karuvadu, Steeve Vatz

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