Bengal Tiger (Music review), Telugu – Bheems Ceciroleo

The title song makes it seem like Bheems has imbibed the Thaman style of music, but it lacks the spunk the latter adds. The globe-trotting Aasia khantamlo is very Andhra at heart, paticularly the rhythm and hook. Chupulatho deepala is straight out of Manisharma’s melody book; simple, lilting and made better by the Vijay Prakash. The Devi Prasad’ish Hey banchani and Raaye raaye chinni, despite Adnan Sami in the fomer, fall flat given their ennui-inducing tunes. Bheems seemed like a great replacement for Manisharma in his earlier work. Now, his work is taking on other composers too, with mixed results!

Keywords: Bengal Tiger, Bheems Ceciroleo

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