Ko 2 (Music review), Tamil – Leon James

Kohila‘s tune is instantly likeable and pleasant; Leon’s music sounds like an significantly spruced-up version of early-Rahman, particualrly the veena usage and the Kohila call-out reminding one of Jeans’ Columbus! Leon, despite the quivering voice, sings it largely well too, along with a superbly in-form Neeti Mohan. Kannamma starts off like a soft melody, but the frenetic breakbeats that kick-in eventually add a fantastic layer to the song, aptly expressed by UK-based Sri Lankan singer Inno Genga, and Chinmayi. The song’s other, mellow version gets a beautiful new dimension with Salim Merchant’s solo renditon, and the way Leon articulates the backgrounds, to appeal to the new variant, is wonderfully nuanced. Vishal Dadlani’s raspy voice is perfect for the angry and violent Vidaadha, with the hip-hop and folk mix music too adding to the feel. Agam’s Harish Sivaramakrishnan leads the goosebumps-inducing anthemic tune of Unnai maatrinaal, with phenomenal support from Sargam Choir, even as Leon does a great job in the backgrounds, lending the song an inspirational feel. Na.Muthukumar’s lyrics, in particular stand out too. The Ko 2 theme is a pulsating, Anirudh’ish mish-mash. Composer Leon James proves that Kanchana 2 wasn’t a flash in the pan, in his second outing!

Keywords: Leon James, KO 2, Ko 2, 200, #200

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