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Wednesday July 29, 2015 19:37

Moor (Music review), Pakistani – Strings

Javed Bashir’s powerful voice leads Jogiya and Talabgaar hoon; the latter makes a punchy impact with its harmonious Baloch-style qawali. Pusthu star Rahim Shah is at his best in the somber Gul bashri that sparkles with an expansive orchestration, while Meesha Shafi’s Eva, despite all the pulsating guitaring, falls flat as a tune. Tum ho […]

The title song has a brisk sound, and despite its catchy guitar backdrop, it’s a fairly plain song. Armaan Malik evokes not-so-pleasant memories of early Udit Narayanan’s Tamil with ‘SoNa’ in Sona Sona, and the tune doesn’t help either. Lucka maattikkichi is that typical Imman song, with effervescent folk’ish rhythms, but the tune is as […]

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