Archive for July 15th, 2015

Stay awake, beyond the middling opening, gets better as it progresses, particularly in the anupallavi, thanks to Subramaniam Nandi’s lyrics on Chennai. Vellai irave too gains steam only after the fangled-Tamil prelude by Ramya. Papparappa, by T.Rajendar and Priyadarshini is regurgitated kuthu with nothing new, while Vijay Antony sings the adequately background’ish Kolai vaal as […]

Oh priya priya is text-book example of simple, frothy pop. In Once upon a time, Anup imports his Telugu-style catchy kuthu, with Mukesh doing this usual to bring it to life. Devadhai paarkiraal, by Aravind-Shankar, too is Telugu-style melody, though the tune borders on S A Rajkumar’s typically much-derided saccharine-sweetness. Tamil gets chewed by Javed […]

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