Avam (Music review), Tamil – Sundaramurthy KS

Thevaiya almost seems to be asking itself if this stylish noise is necessary to prop MC Vickey’s throaty outburst in the name of singing. Kamal Haasan’s Kaarirule, a rather simplistic and faithful rock track – only, with Tamil lyrics – and includes inventive use of violin, at places. Shweta Mohan is the highlight of the pleasant melody, Yaen yennai, while Madhan Karky’s bouncy, inspiring verses get a breezy tune in Sana sana. The soundtrack’s best, interestingly, is the The Theme that marries the veena and guitar into a heady package! Barring the theme, Sundaramurthy KS’s musical debut is strictly average.

Keywords: Avam, Sundaramurthy KS