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Friday July 31, 2015 22:06

Filament (Music review), Shankar Tucker

Shankar’s clarinet offers an interesting backdrop to Chal chal sakhi, expertly sung by Ankita Joshi, with the tabla and cajon adding a compelling layer. The 4-part Aa re chanda actually plays seamlessly. Sandeep Mishra’s sarangi underscores the Alaap, while Devendra Pal Singh’s vocals take over Exposition that blooms with a pleasant tune, accentuated by guitar, […]

Nee aahaha is a lovely, lilting tune that has a particularly captivating orchestration including gorgeous violins! Mundele and Na gunde chappudu‘s brisk, catchy tunes are easily appealing, particularly Gowri Priya’s vocals in the latter. Dinker and Sravanthi sing Chachi povalanundi beautifully, but Kalyan’s feathery melody is the star here! Ee prema‘s minimal, ominous sound gets […]

Wednesday July 29, 2015 19:37

Moor (Music review), Pakistani – Strings

Javed Bashir’s powerful voice leads Jogiya and Talabgaar hoon; the latter makes a punchy impact with its harmonious Baloch-style qawali. Pusthu star Rahim Shah is at his best in the somber Gul bashri that sparkles with an expansive orchestration, while Meesha Shafi’s Eva, despite all the pulsating guitaring, falls flat as a tune. Tum ho […]

The title song has a brisk sound, and despite its catchy guitar backdrop, it’s a fairly plain song. Armaan Malik evokes not-so-pleasant memories of early Udit Narayanan’s Tamil with ‘SoNa’ in Sona Sona, and the tune doesn’t help either. Lucka maattikkichi is that typical Imman song, with effervescent folk’ish rhythms, but the tune is as […]

Vande mataram‘s recreation by Ajay-Atul is spell-binding! They take the good old, familiar verses and make an anthem out of it all over again! Vishwajeet Borwankar, Ajay Gogavle and Rahul Saxena take on the rousing part of the tune, while Savni Ravindra and Amruta Natu handle the softer ‘Sujalaam sufalaam’ and ‘Shubrajyotsna’ portions in a […]

Sunday July 26, 2015 09:13

Hitman – July 26, 2015

Originally published in The Hindu. Aayiram aayiram – Maya (Tamil – Ron Yohann) Maya is a debut for Ron, if you discount his earlier attempt at composing in another name, for a failed movie that vanished without a trace. Aayiram aayiram is almost like the power version of a classic Bond theme tune. Chinmayi handles […]

Brothers Anthem, as the name indicates, holds an anthemic sound and Vishal Dadlani powers it well, even though it’s the pulsating orchestration that stands out! The composing duo repackage their Marathi song from Jatra to great effect in Mera naam Mary that sizzles with Chinmayi’s rendition. Shreya’s version of Gaaye jaa rules over Mohammed Irfan’s, […]

Wednesday July 22, 2015 20:43

Kirumi (Music review), Tamil – K

OC soru is a straight-to-the-point and earthy gaana sung by—who else!—Gaana Bala, but the simplistic tune holds gems by lyricist Gnanakaravel, like ‘Nayanthara kooda ninnu, selfie onnu edthukinu, aaya podum scene ellaam viral aagudhu’! Naanal poovaai has a curiously ethereal sound (that becomes even more evident and interesting in the karaoke version!) and K uses […]

Khareshma Ravichandran’s snazzy—albeit at the cost of pronunciation—vocals lift the fairly standard but catchy pop tune in Kadhal cricket. Bobo Shashi sounds alarmingly like A R Rahman in the title song that also sounds like a power version of Roxette’s The Look. Kannala kannala is a charming melody, with some interesting choice of instruments, topped […]

Tuesday July 21, 2015 21:25

Milliblog turns 10!

Back when there was no satellite TV and internet, I used to be glued to my daily night fix of new (Hindi) film music through radio. I still don’t know which radio stations they were, but there used to be 15 minutes programs created by record labels like TIPS, Venus and TIME audio among others […]

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