Papanasam (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Yeya en kottikkaaraa has an easily appealing tune harking back to Kutti Puli’s Aruvaakkaara. Ghibran’s musical layering is impeccable, and Sundar Narayana Rao seems to be vocalizing Kamal Haasan’s voice mannerisms! Hariharan breezes through the deeply contemplative, possibly-Charukesi’ish Vinaa, even as Ghibran loads it with flourishing, ominous orchestration. Of the instrumental pieces by Sofia Session Orchestra, the theme is mighty Uttama Villain’ish. Kill For Life, Police Investigation and Sinking Car offer a sense of foreboding, The Bond of Family picks cues from Kottikkaaraa, and This Is Me (Suyambulingam) is more uplifting and optimistic in sound. Short, thematic work by Ghibran.

Keywords: Papanasam, Ghibran