54321 (Music review), Tamil – Joshua Sridhar

Nenjamae en nenjamae has a steady, thrumming rhythm and a easily likeable low-key melody that Haricharan and Harini deliver admirably well, complete with really nice semi-classic portions in the interludes. Mayil thogayin sounds distinctly like Dharan Kumar’s compositions, but it’s whispery melody works thanks to Ranina Reddy’s vocals. The song’s instrumental version makes the Dharan connect even more obvious! The title song‘s techno sound is understated and in sync with the ambient tune, with Haricharan and Ramya NSK handling the call-and-response style tune impressively. Vengeance theme ends the soundtrack on a musically ominous note. Good soundtrack from the underrated Joshua!

Keywords: Joshua Sridhar, 54321