Lavender (Music review), Malayalam – Deepak Dev

She Is So Beautiful is easy on the ears pop; the hook is catchy and Amal Anthony and Kavya Ajith keep things light and frothy. Pularri manjin has an interesting structure and the contrast between Kavya and Ajmal’s parts make it a great listen, as do the disjoint connect that happens eventually and Kavya singing Ajmal’s line! Vijay Yesudas carries Anaadhi yugangallai impeccably – it’s a classic melody, slightly old-style, and Deepak’s treatment makes a big difference. Cherathe is the soundtrack’s weakest, with Siddharth Mahadevan sounding rather labored, though Deepak’s sound works just fine. Dependably good music from Deepak Dev.

Keywords: Lavender, Deepak Dev