Demonte Colony (Music review), Tamil – Keba Jeremiah

Partly because of Anirudh’s singing, Vaada vaa machi sounds a lot like something Anirudh might have composed. It’s passable fun, and Keba’s package lacks the verve Anirudh brings! Keba brings his own verve – it is Sean Roldan’ish, though – in Dummy piece-u, a nice enough, filmy-jazz that Imman sings pretty well. Trap of the Beast‘s grunge metal, complete with a Vikram title song-style rap piece, is middling, while The Mystery Unfolds is strictly background material. The Curse of Demonte is a good hear, but is also straight out of K’s repertoire for Mysskin. Tepid composing debut by Keba Jeremiah.

Keywords: Demonte Colony, Keba Jeremiah