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Ikka, Arko and Intense’s (yes!) Honey Singh’ish Paani wala dance achieves its purpose of helping you visualize a wet Sunny Leone. Arko’s recreation of Pancham’s Saagar song in Aao no is fantastic – well spruced up, while retaining the flavor. Amjad Nadeem’s Daaru peeke is straight out of a Tamil/Telugu raucous kuthu. Their other two […]

Babber Sher, sung by Devi Sri Prasad, sounds like something he’d have composed in any Telugu film and roped in Baba Sehgal for singing it – standard issue hero-worship song. Thithili is no different – very Telugu-style catchy song that’s easily forgotten. Vijay Prakash handles the drunk-reggae Seereli hudugeena and pop-kuthu What to do like […]

Sunday April 26, 2015 08:19

Hitman – April 18, 2015

An edited version of this list was originally published in The Hindu. Nacchite ye panaina Dohchay (Telugu) Music: Sunny M.R. Sunny M.R. happens to be Hindi composer Pritam’s ex-sound engineer and has been producing some really good music in… err, not in Hindi, but in Telugu (he is 3 films old in AP)! His 4th, […]

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