Mr.X (Music review), Hindi – Ankit Tiwari & Jeet Ganguli

To ju hain sees Ankit churning his standard template to the hilt. Where Ankit really scores is in his other two – Shukrana starts off meanderingly, but soon a pumping rhythm takes over and lifts the song up, while Alif se has catchy techno break-beats that work well. Jeet’s title song has a Bond theme’ish functional outlook, with Mahesh Bhatt asking us to call him names. Jeet’s other song, Teri khushbu, in both versions, (Arijit and Palak) is the soundtrack’s best – beautifully tuneful, given its possible raag Keeravani orientation. Ankit and Jeet deliver a listenable soundtrack, in Bhatt tradition.

Keywords: Mr.X, Ankit Tiwari, Jeet Ganguli