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Friday March 6, 2015 19:04

Kallappadam (Music review), Tamil – K

Hey nanba is very, very K – a low-key tune made endearing by the choice of instruments, and MLR Karthikeyan’s vocals. Director Mysskin makes a surprising entry in Vellakaara rani, a catchy, retro’ish song that could have been part of any of his films’ lady-dancing-in-yellow-sari songs. Ilango sounds authentic in Kuppannae, a song that treats […]

Friday March 6, 2015 19:02

Okkosari (Music review), Telugu – Shravan

Alupe marachi and Egire kalala sound almost like Mickey J Meyer songs, with an extra layer of orchestration added on top! Both songs, with Karthik and Ranjith crooning them, respectively, take flight midway beautifully! Aalaap Raju and Kavya are very good in the punchy, but largely monotonous Innalle, while O Prema‘s pleasant reggae sound, in […]

Preme santosham‘s tune is an odd melange, but the composer’s imagination shows through. Sayantram aaruki is a bit more cohesive, with its easily likeable Spanish sound and Senthil Dass singing along with pulsating guitar work for a lilting kuthu. Nee kosam is regular angsty, oomphy-guitar laden intro song material, while Ranjith handles the catchy tune […]

DJ‘s appeal is primarily the catchy music and that it delivers darn well. Sunidhi, along with the occasional Ali Zafar, handle the middling tune adequately. Bulbul goes full-on desi dance dhamaka, Mumbaiya style, and in Himesh Reshammiya and Shreya Ghoshal’s vocals, it barely makes an impact. Anu Malik and Mika maon through Line laga in […]

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