Ayirathil Iruvar (Music review), Tamil – Bharadwaj

Ammanae has a fantastic 80s pop wrapper around an otherwise loud and full-throated conventional Amman song lyrics – very funky idea that plays on the dramatic difference between the lyrics and the sound! Karthik excels in the Middle Eastern tinged Ponna pathi sollava, complete with a fantastic, Vikram-Vanithamani style rap prelude and a phenomenally catchy tune that taps on every possible Middle Eastern cliche that there is. Unnai enni is a beautiful waltzy melody that is so-Bharadwaj! It’s sung by M.K.Balaji with the perfect verve even as the composer adorns it with a sound that is instantly alluring! Aravind and Deepika’s Maanga peesula is easily captivating, with its likeable and repetitive hooks, a slow-burning, slowed-down kuthu that almost sounds like a Deva song from the man’s peak in the 90s, while also referring to assorted Saran film titles in the lyrics! Bharadwaj and Sreedevi take turns in Yelay and deliver a mighty unusual jugalbandi that’s intriguing and interesting! Akila’s short, Yen uyirae is a nice enough ballad that derives a lot from her vocals, while the other short, Thirunelveli is simple, straight-off foot-tapper. That Bharadwaj produces his best with director Saran is no secret; this is the composer’s proper comeback!

Keywords: Aayrathil Iruvar, Ayirathil Iruvar, Bharadwaj, #200, 200

PS: I took almost 7 days to arrive at a #200 for this one. I brushed off the music as standard-issue Bharadwaj initially, but gave it a cool-off period like I do with soundtracks that seem to have a spark but is not evident immediately. This one surprised me eventually over a week with its fabulous tunes!