Kappal (Music review), Tamil – Natarajan Sankaran

Oru cup acid is a bizarre combination of odd lyrics and an even more odd tune that tries to force fit those lyrics – everything seems forced about the song. Kaadhal cassata is a pleasant surprise, with its frothy reggae sound and ‘sweet’ lyrics, while Alphons handles Ekkachakkamaai‘s ebullient tune really well, leaving Ankita Mathew to rule over the Reetigowlai interludes. Friendship is middling pathos, despite Anthony Dasan, while Kaali pasanga is middling kuthu, despite Santhosh Narayanan. Ooru vittu‘s remix ends the soundtrack on a spunky note, thanks to Ilayaraja. Mild progress by Natarajan Sankaran, from his two earlier films.

Keywords: Kappal, Natarajan Sankaran