Current Theega (Music review), Telugu – Achu

The title song is passable, at best, with Ranjith trying to infuse life into it, while Manoj barely pulls of his drunk-singing act in Pothe ponee, thanks largely to Achu’s foot-tapping mix. Ammay nadumu and Yerraa yerra both pass by with no impact, despite the techno-kuthu layer in the latter. Karthik is fabulous in his two melodies, the bordering-on-Charukesi Pilla and the short, mellow Kallalo. The soundtrack’s highlight is Padahaarellainaa, which exploits Chinmayi’s fantastic vocals to great effect and layers many interesting sounds onto a dreamy, waltz’y melody! Barring these, this soundtrack is a step down from Achu’s recent form.

Keywords: Current Theega, Achu, Achu Rajamani