Happy New Year (Music review), Hindi – Vishal-Shekhar

India Wale is standard-issue Farah Khan chorus song, with carefully thought-through lyrics to evoke maximum jingoism. Manwa laage is earthy and highly rhythmic, while Satakli’s one-hook is adequately repeated to make some impact. Nonsense ki night‘s utterly corny lyrics helps the mish-mash, while Dance like a chammiya has an addictive ring to it. Sharabi sounds like something Manj Musik would have composed – typical techno-punju-pop. World Dance Medley makes an avial of everything above! Dr.Zeus’ lone track, Lovely (and its variant, Kamlee) coat a nice Punjabi folk tune with techno-wizardry and rap. Less Vishal-Shekhar, lot more Farah Khan, this soundtrack.

Keywords: Vishal-Shekhar, Happy New Year