Saturday September 13, 2014

Haider (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Bhardwaj

Posted by Karthik

Vishal Dadlani is the perfect choice for Aao na‘s grunge rock, with the composer playing with captivating guitar hooks! The song’s alternative version is the lone sore note in the soundtrack. Bismil‘s Central European sound is a complete kicker; Sukhwinder Singh and the chorus deliver Gulzar’s storified lyrics beautifully. The song’s other version, Ek aur Bismil, adds an alluring Middle Eastern flavor to the tune. Khul kabhi is as much Gulzar’s magic as it is Vishal’s jazzy goodness… and of course Arijit singing it like a combination of Vishal and Suresh Wadkar. Suresh himself songs the very-mellow Do jahaan, and along with Shraddha’s occasionally wavery vocals, and Gulzar’s phenomenal lines, the whispery melody works wonderfully. Arijit’s other song is a Faiz Ahmed Faiz classic, Gulon mein rang bhare, but Vishal uses the couplets in the most interesting manner, starting with Bara hai dard ka rishta, all in a fabulously reimagined sound! Raaga Puriyadhanashree’s innate allure helps Jhelum flow smoothly, while Rekha ends the soundtrack with a gently handled ghazal-sound, Aaj ke naam, with Gulzar ruling yet again using Faiz’s deeply resonating nazm. Haider is one of those soundtracks, like 7 Khoon Maaf and Kaminey, that has one wondering why Vishal doesn’t become a full-time composer.

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