Mary Kom (Music review), Hindi – Shashi Suman & Shivam Pathak

Ziddi dil works perfectly as a motivational track, thanks to Vishal Dadlani’s impactful singing and Shashi’s racy music. Mohit does the honors in Teri baari, the sound remaining energetic and lofty. Shashi’s other songs are significantly softer – Adhure is Sunidhi’s show, within the sweeping melody, Saudebaazi is Pritam melody material and Priyanka rules the lori, Chaoro with unprocessed, confident vocals! Shivam Pathak’s Salaam India has a forceful hook and even hints at Charukesi mid-way, while Arijit breezes through his other song, the hauntingly tuneful Sukoon mila. It’s heartwarming to see two Indian Idol finalists make an accomplished composing debut!

Keywords: Mary Kom, Shashi Suman, Shivam Pathak